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Hello 2023 - EUROBIKE

2024.04.01 Source: Shenzhen Kixin Electronics Co., Ltd. Intelligent Browse: 386

On June 21st, the EUROBIKE, the annual European International Bicycle Exhibition, opened in Frankfurt, Germany. As a leading event in the global bicycle industry, EUROBIKE brought together nearly 2,000 exhibitors and attracted professional visitors and enthusiasts from over 100 countries to explore the trends in global bicycle development.

KIXIN, a leading player in the field of smart short-distance travel, once again participated in the exhibition and received unanimous praise from dealers and the media. Products such as H1, H2, Q3, and Q5 e-bikes showcased the "Chinese power" from KIXIN, drawing high attention from the global travel, technology, and new consumer sectors.

Eurobike positions itself as a trade center platform for bicycles and future mobility vehicles. Stefan Reisinger, the exhibition manager, stated: "Despite the challenging overall environment for many people, the outlook is also promising. In terms of social megatrends such as climate, health, and energy, bicycles, e-bikes, and LEVs have become an integral part of the transformation of mobility."

The two-wheeler industry, particularly in the field of short-distance travel, has maintained rapid growth in recent years. This rapid growth has attracted many heavyweight players who have entered the field with capital and technology, either intimidating and suppressing competitors with strong capital, or introducing and promoting their cutting-edge technologies extensively in Europe.

With the global upgrading of users and evolving travel demands, KIXIN will continue to develop products that cater to the diverse travel and entertainment needs of global users. We aim to experience more beauty in green short-distance travel and create a future that is happier, more loving, and more sustainable.

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