V1 Virtual Reality


Kixin V1 All in one VR

Originality work

Allwinner H8 eight cores processor, ensure smooth operation and
visual experience 2 GB of memory, high speed 32 GB storage

Allwinner The future is already coming,virtual reality Allwinner

H8 octa-core processing,make sure smooth operation parts guarantee
gliding visual images, 2G RAM,16G high speed ROM,give you the all
is unapproachable high-end configuration.

Panoramic Scenes

Aggregating panoramic pictures and videos Online Beyond the shackles
of human eyes’ view Your world will be more multifaceted and fantastic.

Adjustable Focal Length

All-in-one VR headst with a adjust rotation button on the top to
adjust object eye distance,adaptive 0-800° myopia users.

The optical resin lenses

Professional optical coating antireflective protect
eyesight , reduce excess lens surface

Strong CPU Unrivalled luxury configuration

Allwinner H8 eight cores processor, ensure smooth operation
and visual experience 2 GB of memory, high speed 32 GB storage

Customize for VR, Kixin VR

The interaction of OSVR age will infinitely close to users’life
Kixin VR designed with brand new interactive ways based on
VR experience specially customize for VR users, bring VR to your life

Parameters and configuration