Kixin Video Brochures – Helping Customers With Existing Video Brochures

Kixin Video Brochures – Helping Customers With Existing Video Brochures

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Well We Know One Company That Did

As Video Cards/Brochures are a new marketing concept we have seen an influx of ‘specialist’ Video Brochure suppliers seep through the woodwork.

In fact one company (no names mentioned) was left high and dry with 2000 units of Business Card Video Brochures needed for an event.

Luckily we were on hand to rectify the matter and help the client keep his client happy.

It all started with the video on the card itself, it needed to be changed and unfortunately the Brochures in question were not our standard line having been bought elsewhere. Whilst the quality of the cards was good they were a proverbial nightmare to change the video on.

Cue Video Brochures UK with our in-house memory duplication service, not only did we change the video on all 2000 Business cards we also gave them a charge ready for an event.

The result? One happy client and 2000 impressed attendees. You see whilst we are all about the Brochures themselves we are seeing more people coming to us with problems from other suppliers.

Such queries as ‘I cannot change the video on my Video Brochure’ or ‘The brochures will not work properly’. All these things are avoidable in the first instance.

Use a Video Brochure supplier who actually cares you end up with a quality product and not disappear into the night with your marketing budget.

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