Kixin brand and advantages

Kixin brand and advantages

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a. Kixin is a famous brand in China market. Our selling on .com  is No. 1 in Smart LED Projectors;

b. Chip: we use M-Star TV chip. M-Star is the No. 1 in TV chip industry, with over 70% marketing share;

c. Supplier: All of the main material suppliers are famous, eg. Huntkey (Adapter supplier) is the supplier for Lenovo and Dell. Samsung built-in battery for SLPM; Package supplier is also for Apple products.

d. Assembling: Our projectors are finally assembled in TCL, which is famous in TV industry.

e. R&D ability: All of our key R&D staff are from M-Star, we are strong in software and hardware design. We can easily realize customized request.

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