under the background of the financial tsunami the market, to restore confidence to all customers, but also to meet the increasing consumer demand, the company decided to further expand and production capacity of plant area, moved to shenzhen baoan district people road street people hing industrial zone, plant area of more than 1000 square meters, the monthly production capacity up to the monthly production more than 300000 machines.


Kixin Electronic expand the product line, developed the first hd mini digital video recorders (that is, the mini DV), by consumers at home and abroad.


Kixin Electronics continue to increase the intensity of innovation, at the same time developed many private mould digital photo frames, and other products, in similar products occupy a larger market share, and established the “innovation as the soul” of the product and the market marketing idea.


Kixin Electronics digital photo frame: take the lead to develop small size private mould ornament 1.1 inch digital photo frame and ornament 1.5 inch digital photo frame, the industry and the market widely attention, ornament of 1.5 inch digital photo frame 1.5 “(hereinafter referred to as the” Chinese seal “) because of its unique fashion sense shape (the “Chinese seal” stainless steel shell and spray surface shell design) after leading the young consumers at home and abroad for a long time in the future propensity to consume and become the trend of fashion coordinates, so far, this product is still one of the most sought-after digital gifts of similar products in the market.


Shenzhen Kixin Electronic Co., LTD. was established in shenzhen, and become the first domestic into one of the manufacturer of digital photo frame industry.