Have you seen all the great

pictures you’ve been taking?

You may have emailed some to friends or family, perhaps uploaded a few to Facebook or Flickr, but how many are you still carrying around on your phone? How many are languishing in folders on your computer or gathering dust on back-up discs and drives in drawers and cupboards? How many are still in a shoebox under the bed?! We don’t take pictures to store them. We take them to preserve a moment so that it can be enjoyed again another day.


Well, it’s another day, and it’s time to set your photos
free with Kixin Share.


Stay connected…
…with a Wi-Fi connection.

Kixin has built in, so you can wirelessly connect right out of the box. To ensure no one feels left out we also have a broadband adapter for wired internet connection.

“The photos I have sent through Kixin these past years have included weddings, vacations, births, reunions, graduations and most significantly… simple every day events. The Kixin gives me the precious opportunity to ‘be with them’ every day.”
- Pamela Rowland, Ohio.

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You know it’s part of

the family when it has

its own email address.

Yes, you read that right! It’s that simple. Every registered CEIVA Share™ frame has its own unique email address. Invite friends and family to simply email pictures directly to your frame.

CEIVA Share™ might look like a digital picture frame, and make no mistake, it is – until you realize it’s so much more than that; It’s a story teller. A time machine. An old friend. A bringer of good tidings and great memories. A reminder of all the great times you’ve enjoyed – and those still to come.

If you love your life, you’ll love your CEIVA.

Where are they now?

Remember all those other digital frames that didn’t have a subscription?

No, neither do we, and neither does anyone else. We have a small monthly fee that’s about the price of a good sandwich. For that you get:

  • Various ‘channels’ and custom content for your frame.
  • Technology for beautiful, natural, images
  • US-based customer support.
  • Social media and photo site tools and plug-ins.
  • Apps and software – regularly updated and improved.
  • A seamless photo sharing experience like no other.

Digital photo frames for in-store marketing

Engage Digital Frames is a specialist distributor of digital photo frames to the point of sale, exhibition and retail marketing sectors. 

We offer the largest range of digital frame screen sizes in the UK at competitive prices, backed by great customer service from a team that understand POP.

Our range of digital photo frames is ideally suited to use in the retail environment with stylish bezel designs, excellent screen quality, proven reliability and functions for auto start with looping video or still image playback.

Engage Digital Frames also offers a range of complementary services covering content, installation & technical help to be able to fully support customer’s requirements. Our products can also be individually customised including branded digital frames and packaging.

Use our product comparison chart to find the right size for your display or below are quick links to some of our most popular digital frames for POS display:

7″ Digital Frame


8″ Digital Frame


10.2″ Digital Frame


IMD Digital Frame


Why use digital photo frames?

The use of digital media as a communications tool at the point of purchase has been proven to increase sales for brands and retailers. Just some of the benefits are:

  • Attract, engage and inform customers by bringing products & services to life in-store
  • Differentiate your display and brand from the competition
  • Educate consumers with product demonstration videos
  • Entertain and inspire customers
  • Increase dwell time and instore spend

We recognise that sometimes you only need basic functionality in a video media screen to realise these benefits and our digital photo frame products offer just that at affordable prices.